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Sales Tax Policy

As an online furniture store, we understand the importance of adhering to sales tax regulations. Our sales tax policy is as follows:

  1. Sales Tax Collection: We will collect sales tax on all orders placed within the states where we have a physical presence or nexus. This includes having a physical office, warehouse, or any other type of business operation that creates a tax nexus in that state.

  2. Sales Tax Rates: We will calculate the applicable sales tax rate based on the customer's shipping address within the state where we have a physical presence. The sales tax rate will be based on the state and local tax laws and regulations.

  3. Sales Tax Exemptions: We will adhere to all state laws related to sales tax exemptions. Customers who provide appropriate documentation for tax exemptions, such as a resale certificate or exemption certificate, will not be charged sales tax.

  4. Sales Tax Reporting: We will report and remit sales tax to the appropriate state and local taxing authorities on a regular basis, as required by law.

  5. Sales Tax Records: We will maintain accurate and detailed records of all sales tax collected, reported, and remitted, as well as any exemption certificates provided by customers.

Overall, we are committed to complying with all applicable sales tax laws and regulations. We will continuously monitor and update our sales tax policy to ensure that we remain compliant with changing regulations.